From the Ashes, We Rise

Feast at the Red Keep

Trouble awakens the Ashford encampment the night before the tourney. It becomes clear that House Redwyne has attempted to sabotage their horses. In retaliation, they steal a prize stallion and mercilessly engulf Ser Boris, the knight responsible, in flames while asleep in his tent. Unfortunately, they slay a knight sworn to the Tyrells in the same fire.

The following day, House Ashford gains glory when young Samel Ashford, entered as a mystery knight, unhorses Thendor Storm to win the joust. To honour his achievement, the King himself knights Samel.

Driven by prophecy, Selwyn and Captain Lyra reach out to John, Lyra’s brother and maester to House Velaryon. They gain his trust, learning that Lord Velaryon favours his bastard son, perhaps even above his heir, by allowing him to represent the house in the tourney. John thinks this ill advised and is convinced by Selwyn’s offers of aid.

At the feast at the Red Keep, the Ashford’s are shocked to find House Redwyne seated far above their station. Constance interrogates the castellan Mandor, who admits that they were placed there are the request of ‘Lord Lannister himself’. Prince Rhaegon is conspicuously absent from the feast, perhaps injured during his loss to Thendor, although no explanation is forthcoming.



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