From the Ashes, We Rise

Coronation of Aegon the V

233 AL

5 years after the 3rd Blackfyre Rebellion, the coronation of Aegon Targeryon, Fifth of his name, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, King of the Andals and of the First Men, is announced with a melee and tournament to accompany the ceremonies . A period of relative peace is at hand as Bloodraven, a Targeryon bastard feared as a sorcerer is sent to the wall and the fourth son of a fourth son is crowned king.

All important bannermen, including House Ashford are invited to King’s Landing to participate in the tourney and to symbolically bend the knee to the crown again.

Eager to rebuild lost prestige, the house prepares to set forth in force. Before departure Asterly Ashford convinces Corey to insinuate himself into the Gold Cloaks in the hopes that he will be of assistance later. Corey seemed an honourable and perhaps trustworthy man for offering honest testimony against Ser Willem, accused of forcing himself on Genevieve. Under instructions to mete out justice by Constance, Jillian orders that Willem take the black or suffer the loss of his manhood and is dispatched to the Wall. Corey departs in advance of the family. Young Samel Ashford prepares a magnificent tabard to wear as champion in the tournament.

Thus prepared House Ashford departs for King’s Landing. En route, they are beset by bandits in the King’s Wood. Mustering a display of force that far outclasses the bandits, it is revealed that they were paid by Ashford’s rivals, House Redwyne, to delay the arrival of House Ashford to King’s Landing. The scions of House Ashford carry a castle forged blade with a maker’s mark from House Redwyne as evidence of this treachery.

Nonetheless, Ashford wins through and have established themselves, above the Tarlies and the Redwynes, in a favourable base camp.

Selwyn has looked into the flames. The Lord of Light showed him a battle between a three headed dragon and a seahorse rising from the waters. He is certain that something will go awry between the Targeryons and House Velaryon, their ancient bannermen.



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