Asterly Ashford

Disgraced Maester



High Concept: Disgraced Maester
Trouble: Seeking redemption for being an oathbreaker
Co-conspirator with Constance


Approach Score
Careful 2
Clever 3
Flashy 1
Forceful 0
Quick 0
Sneaky 2
Station 1


Because I am a blackmailer, I get +2 when Cleverly Overcoming and Obstacle to apply solid leverage.


I was visiting King’s Landing with house Marbrand, (my assigned house, sworn to House Lannister) when the ravens went out. Ashforde was to be burnt to the ground and its nobles burnt with it. I sent some ravens of my own. I can only hope my warnings made it in time. All those years of reading other people’s missives paid off.

Jillian Ashforde made sure that my precious alchemical supplies in the castle were saved because she suspected that I was responsible for the ravens that warned them.

In the three years since the decimation of our house, we have been dangling from a precipice. Constance Ashford knows I arranged to have the heir to house Redwyne disgraced, so that their own troubles would distract them from finally destroying our house, as they have longed to do for generations.

Asterly Ashford

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