Constance Ashford

Young Matriarch of House Ashford



High Concept: Young matrirach of House Ashforde
Trouble: Married to an idiot
Co-Conspirator with Asterly Ashford
I am usually the smartest person in the room


Approach Score
Careful 2
Clever 3
Flashy 0
Forceful 0
Quick 1
Sneaky 1
Station 2


Because I am the leader of an important house, I get +2 when I use Station to Overcome an Obstacle or Create an Advantage when I am trying to advance the position of my house.


At 17, as the leader of a fallen house, I married a rich Dornish nobleman as my last resort to save my family, procuring a marriage contract under Dornish law, wherein my name carries the succession. At the bedding, my husband got so drunk he passed out. He does not know that I did not join him in our marriage bed that night (or any night since).

Asterly Ashford never blamed Constance for leaving the marriage bed. But when Lord Ashford Awoke, someone had to consummate the marriage. Fortunately the drunk idiot couldn’t tell the difference between his wife and the whore provided by Asterly, nor has he noticed the deception since. The marriage remains unconsummated, with Asterly Ashford and Constance Ashford conspiring to keep it so, but how long can it last?

One night, after a few glasses of Dornish wine, Constance confided in Selwyn that she required moon tea, (on two separate occasions) to abort pregnancies by lowly but dashing knights. Constance looks on these incidents with shame and fears her past transgressions will be brought to light, particularly by her husband as these incidents followed her marriage and could damage her house.

Constance Ashford

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