Jillian Ashford

Heiress to House Ashford



High Concept: Heiress to House Ashforde
Trouble: Rebellious
Instinct to protect women


Approach Score
Careful 1
Clever 3
Flashy 0
Forceful 1
Quick 0
Sneaky 2
Station 2



I watched my mother live an unhappy life married to a man she hated. She would tell me stories of how she used to be strong and have dreams. I’ve always knows that what caused her to be married off was what caused her to wither.

Just before the fall of House Ashford, I was to be married to Ser Manford Hamming, a man of coarse manners who was beloved by my father. He died under mysterious circumstances at the Siege of Cider Hall and I have always suspected that my brother Samel killed him to keep him away from me.

Asterly Ashford believes that Jillian’s rebellious streak often manifests itself in slatternly misconduct. He believes that she is also remarkably fertile. Scarcely a month goes by that Asterly does not find himself brewing a secret batch of moon tea.

Jillian Ashford

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