Samel Ashford

Young Protector of House Ashford



High Concept: Young Protector of House Ashford
Trouble: Torn between my family and my calling (to join the Kingsguard)
Knighted by King Aegon IV
Doubts about the Seven
In love with my sister Jillian


Approach Score
Careful 1
Clever 1
Flashy 2
Forceful 2
Quick 3
Sneaky 0
Influential 1


Because I am a chivalry nerd, 1 get +2 to Influentially Create an Advantage when the rules of chivalry are on my side.


I was squire to Ser Manford Hamming in my youth. At the Siege of Cider Hall, my quick wits and quicker sword-hand saved Ser Manford’s life. Ser Manford wanted to knight me there and then, but I wanted to wait until it could be done “in the sight of gods and men”. He never got the chance: he was killed the next morning.

Prior to the events of that fateful night, Ser Manford and Selwyn had developed a low profile relationship. The legendary knight had recently become disillusioned with The Seven and was meeting with Selwyn for counsel, to perform rituals, and to prepare for outright conversion.

Jillian Ashforde knows that Samel is in love with her.

Samel Ashford

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