Red Priest



High Concept: Red Priest
Trouble: I dabble in unpredictable magics
The dangerous outsider
Bound by prophecy


Approach Score
Careful 0
Clever 2
Flashy 3
Forceful 0
Quick 1
Sneaky 2
Station 1


Once per session, I can ask the Lord of Light for advice on a goal.

Because I am a red priest, I gain +2 when I Flashily Attack using fire in ranged combat.

Because I am a red priest, I gain +2 when I Sneakily Create and Advantage using sabotage.


I suffered a disfiguring facial scar casting a spell gone wrong. I now wear it proudly as a signature of the Lord of Light’s power.

I don’t know that Constance’s husband was the mysterious figure who hired me to cast the spell. Constance found out and tried to stop it but when she arrived, it was already too late. She saved his life but he is a constant reminder of the necessity of vigilance when it comes to her husband.

Samel Ashford is one of the only people alive who knows that the purpose of the spell was to kill king Maekar.


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