From the Ashes, We Rise

The Coronation

Tragedy befalls Asterly Ashford. Through means unknown, the crown learned of Asterley’s betrayal that allowed most of the young scions of Ashford to escape the kings’s justice. He is called to account, and hung from the walls of the King’s Landing, a grim warning overlooking the Ashford encampment.

Despite this loss, House Ashford symbolically renews its fealty to the Iron Throne, offering Constance’s father’s heirloom sword as a coronation gift.

The newly knightedSamel approaches Thendor Storm, the Bastard of l Velaryon. They spend a comfortable afternoon discussing the finer points of chivalry and knighthood and Samel divines a strong will to power in the older man. For his part, Thendor advises that family and station should not lightly be disregarded for a place in the Kingsguard and parts with the wish that they should become fast friends and allies.

Captain Lyra meanwhile, intercepts Constance’s Idiot Husband in a secret rendezvous with an apparent agent of House Lannister, Ser Lym Lannister. They exchange a sample of what appears to be a chunk of unrefined, silver ore before parting ways.

A 1st cousin of Lord Lannister, Kevin was revealed to be in deep with the Redwynes in a series of secret correspondences that were found in Asterley’s chambers after his death.

For reasons unknown, Lym resurfaces in the chambers of Lord Velaryon when Lyra stops in to offer his sympathies for an illness which kept Velaryon from the coronation feast. A discussion with the nursemaid reveals that the sickness was sudden.



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