From the Ashes, We Rise


Tommen Flowers was beset by bandits and injured near the Ashford encampment. The rules of hospitality dictated that he be allowed to recuperate with the Ashfords, a situation in keeping with the goals of an unnamed party from Tommen’s house. An unwitting, and perhaps well meaning spy was thus ensconced in the house.

Thendor Storm invites the family to an extravagant dinner at the Red Keep. Upon arrival they find Selwyn and Content Not Found: maester-jon involved in a conspiracy to seize control of the 7 kingdoms. Thendor imposes upon the Ashfords to assist him in capturing the king as he transits by ship to thier ancestral home. He offers a chest of overflowing coins to help the decision.

Jillian is sent back to Fort Ashford to attend affairs and lead the search for a fortune in raw silver alleged by Thendor.



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