Tag: NPC


  • John

    Brother of [[:susie-s-character | Captain Lyra]] John has worked as maester for [[House Velaryon]] for eighteen years, and has been a maester for 20. He is friendly with [[:selwyn-1 | Selwyn]], and although he has not openly admitted to following the …

  • Thendor Storm

    !https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-XtkCg0UQujI/UoKRLai-lwI/AAAAAAAAGTM/3fXem3-I2sk/w697-h581-no/Ser_Arthur_Dayne_by_henning.jpg! Thendor Storm was killed by [[:susie-s-character | Captain Lyra]] on board Westeros One.

  • Ser Boris of Redwyne

    Ser Boris was killed by several members of [[House Ashford]] in retribution for laming the jousting horse of [[:samel-ashford|Samel Ashford]].

  • Ser Lym Lannister

    A friend of the deceased [[:ser-boris | Ser Boris of Redwyne]] and a known associate of [[:thendor-storm | Thendor Storm]]. He met with Lord Ashford at the Prancing Pony, where a quantity of ore was exchanged. He was also attending to Lord Velaryon in his …