House Ashford

Words: From the Ashes, We Rise

Sigil: A rising Phoenix

Having chosen the wrong side in the Blackfyre Rebellion, the scions of House Ashford were executed by order of the king and their castle torn down and burnt to the ground. By royal decree, the rubble could not be cleared and a the new Ashford seat was built on the neighboring hillside, so that each morning they might look on the price of rebellion.

Unbeknownst to most, Asterly Ashford saved the Ashford line from being eliminated root and branch by warning the younger members of the house to flee before the king’s edict was meted out.

Lineage of House Ashford

Members of House Ashford

Constance Ashford, matron of the house
Asterly Ashford, deceased
Samel Ashford, House Protector
Jillian Ashford, Samel’s sister
Captain Lyra, Captain of the house guard
Selwyn, associate of the house
Corey, a member of the house guard

House Ashford

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